The World Howls


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Black Swift’s new Album “The World Howls,” ranges in style from Tarantino road trip Rock to Morricone, to Fugazi to Tom Waits. Together with her collaborators Black Swift has been working steadily on a new album for over a year. The bones of the song were written by Grayson, but the rest has come from a variety of musicians who helped arrange and record in numerous places in America and Germany. “The World Howls” features Jerome Fontamillas (Switchfoot), Beverly Fre$h, Nate Lehner (The Guilty Wanted), Burkhard Mayer-Anderson, Mike Gunther (Mike Gunther & his Restless Souls), Jayathi Kyle (Black Audience), Stefanie Haecker and more. Of all her collaborators, her most consistent on this album are co-producer David Arzt (Jumbo Jet) who played and arranged on most of the songs on the album, Steffen Eifert (Same Same Here) on drums, and Tobias Unrath on bass. From energetic post-punk indie rock to epic dark ballads, to soul infused & blues influenced story telling, “The World Howls” stretches the gamet of songwriting and soundscapes.


released July 10, 2014

All songs and lyrics written by Sally Grayson
Collaborators and arrangement help from:
David Arzt, Steffen Eifert, Tobias Unrath, Nate Lehner, Burkhard Mayer-Andersson, Jerome Fontamillas, Beverly Fresh, Mike Gunther, Jayanthi Kyle, Stefanie Haecker
Mixed by Johnny Park
Mastered by Jacques Wait



all rights reserved


BLACK SWIFT Stuttgart, Germany



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Track Name: Branches & Sticks
Branches & Sticks

I cried like a swift
I mourned like a mourning dove
my eyes grew weak as I looked to the heavens
I am troubled
I am troubled
I am troubled Oh my Lord

Even the sparrow has found a home
even the swallow a nest for herself
where she may lay her young
a place near your altar, O Lord

I know we don’t need another song
about how I’ll spread my wings and fly
but you, my swift I’d like to kiss
For how you don’t seem to worry
I wanna be like you
building my nest by the sea and
believe there is enough food
because your home is just branches and sticks
maybe that’s why its so easy to fly off and
make your home somewhere new

And wouldn’t it be grand to have a home by the sand
and hear the waves crashing down on the shore
then to fly high in the sky with my mate by my side
twisting and turning in the air loving you
and one of these days we will rest near the king
with our home on the altar of the Almighty
Track Name: Traum Tod
Traum Tod

Death is such a darkness
Even Jesus wept when he
looked into the faces
of his loved ones weeping
Was there empathy, or doubt in his heart
when did look death in the face and he’d win

In the face of death, there’s so much life
thinking of how we truly want to live before we die
what we always wanted to do
where we always wanted to go
what we always wanted to say
before it’s too late to tell someone “I love you!”

The fear is not just
that we’re going to die
the fear is that we’ll
never really truely live
I want to live in peace
before I rest in peace
and peace will come when I say I’m ready to die
Track Name: My Short-Lived Shadow
My short lived shadow

I am loved
I am pure
I am beautiful
I’m not afraid
and I’ve been made to be a queen

I am whole
I am complete
I have all that I need
And I can see
I have such power that doesn’t come just from me

Because what you see, isn’t me, it’s my shadow, my evil shadow.
Because what you see, isn’t me, it’s my shadow, my evil shadow
But it’s not me.

I am free
And I can see
you seated here next to me
And you accept me and call me your own

I am new
And bound with you
I’ll branch out onto your tree
And I am rich, so very rich
with nothing you can take away from me

Because what you see, isn’t me, its my shadow, my evil shadow
Because what you see, isn’t me, it’s my shadow, my evil shadow
But it’s not me

For when the light does truely come and surround
All the shadows will be chased till no more abound
and my eyes will see clearly yours looking at me
and we’ll dance and we’ll dance until the end of time.

You are loved
you are pure
you are beautiful
Be not afraid
You’ve been made to be royalty
Track Name: Tragedy Magnet

If I were you, I’d be wondering too
if I would die of Lupus, too much Coumadin, or AIDS
If I were you, I’d be moaning and groaning
and having a hard time not complaining
of all the aches and the paining
But you change the topic and wonder why
the others die before you
they are too young (your young self says)
shot to the head, died in his bed
Oooooh, too much sorrow
But I’m not you, you my beautiful tragedy magnet
But I’m not you, you my beautiful tragedy magent

I know you wonder OOh why why why
yet your spirit rises over the injustice
flying all around you
you have hope, hope
you have hope, Hope
you have hope that you can do something good for humanity

If I were you I’d be having a hard time forgiving
the people that are spinning around hurting you
If I were you, I’d be ooh so bitter
for all that life’s littered
on your beautiful world view

I know you wonder why why why
yet your spirit rises over all the justice dying around you
You have hope, hope deep within you
Hope, and I hope
I hope that I can be half the person you are in suffering
There is hope, hope, there is hope HOPE....
There is hope, hope, hope, oooh there is hope.
Track Name: Rusty Sounds Go Silent
Rusty Sounds go Silent

Where are you?
I know you’re here but how can I hear you now
Rusty, clanky noises in my head
Covering your sweet sounds
Lets clear the table, wipe it all away
And leave it with the words of your buffet

I am here
I am so near

And oh…oh I love you dear
I’ll take these words and eat them up
To fill my hungry soul
Oh it tastes good to eat from your plate
This could just make me whole
This could just make me whole
Track Name: George Lassos the Sun

I could swallow the sun
And all the colors around
It would beam out my ears
With my fingers I could light up the ground
There could be light everywhere
Shooting out the ends of my hair.

But the cold would linger on
But the cold would linger on
But the cold would linger on
Without your love

Seems the lies and the fears
Been screaming so loud in my ears
About what’s gonna fill my soul
Where remains this frigid hole

But the cold just lingers on
But the cold just lingers on
But the cold just lingers on
Without your love

I could swallow the sun
And all the colors around
I could heat up this world
And try to melt it all down
I could drink that dry too
And still be thirsty, without You

But the cold would linger on
But the cold would linger on
But the cold would linger on
Without your love, Oh I need your love

I want you now
I need you
Oh fill me now….Now I have you!

Now the cold wont’ linger on
It doesn’t have to linger on anymore
Now the cold won’t linger on
Cause I got your love
Oh I love your love
I love you…
Track Name: Love's Harsh Winter

The one who was your fire, the one your shining star
snuffed out fallen from your universe around
that beautiful taste of someone new
is gone and discust is all you can spew

The spring of love has gone by
now we watch the leaves fall around and die
It grieves me that committment often won’t through the winter last
to grow old in the cold till the ice storms past

All around me “death do I”s are having regrets
and wondering what brought them to share the same nest
Those inseparable birds that fit perfect together
Have faced a cold wind and been blown apart forever

Where is the help the second chances and the grace
The help us make it through to the end of the race
I know they’ll always be rain and ice and snow
but does it need to break us apart
does it need to make you go?

I know some winters last past the time spring should arrive
And hope is not some magic melting love back in your eyes
But can’t there be a way to make right what’s wrong
I just wish I could make that love bird sing again its song.
Track Name: Dungeon Birth
Dungeon Birth

Dark, cold Prison
I sit in this dungeon and wait for the light to come in
I hear footsteps and think this could be my beloved key
who will bring my desired freedom
But the feet walk on past and I wonder how long I will last
Darkness enclosing around...
Then from behind in this dark place, there's a cry and a face
of new life entering into the filthly place.
This cannot be, so I turn back around
searching for light coming from the under the door.
But the only light to behold is a splendid star shining down
on this dust and this dirt and this mold.
A cold draft blows by and I turn my eyes from the sky
to the babe wrapped in rags, homeless child.
They say this helpless one has answered the songs that were sung,
"O come, O come, O Come!"

But I'm still aching for Freedom and Light
For Wholeness and Sight as I look in the face of the child.
My dark doubt has won once more as I turn back to the door
to search for freedom in more practical ways.

"I can wait," I do say to myself, "another day."
As day turns to day turns to day.
I'll wait for the door to open up and for the light to fill up my cup
and I will gulp down my freedom and be whole and be whole!"
Maybe so...I really do not know
I do not know
I do not know.
The baby cries
and I sigh
knowing my choices are slim.
I can sit here alone or turn and open my dark home
to the new life that is calling my name.
Oh come, oh come oh come!
Track Name: The World Howls
The World Howls

I’d like to walk the neighbors dog
but he’s all chained up, he’s all chained up, crying
I’d like to walk the neighbors dog
but he’s all chained up, he’s all chained up, he’s howling
I’d like to see the neighbors dog set free, set free
but it doesn’t have to be me

You got a solution that needs a problem
Well, I gotta problem that needs a solution (we’d be great together)
I don’t want to be in the problem
I wanna be in the solution
and I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to do

Oh I want you, to be let go, to be set free, to be set free

I wanna walk the neighbors dog
cause he keeps howling
they keep howling
the world is howling, right next door.

The world is howling, the world is howling, the world is howling
right next door.

Oh I want you to be let go, to be set free, to be set free...
Track Name: Whiskey John & Irish
Whiskey John & Irish

I used to hang out with Irish, Smiley and Pete
down under the bridge where they all would meet
To commune with sandwiches, chips and Kool Aid
that the Salvation Army truck had made
But before I was there I was up on my perch
looking down wondering- where was the church?
Was it in some old building used one time a week
or was it with these guys hunger driving them to meet?

I thought “I’m gonna love ‘em, just watch- you’ll see.
I’ll go down and show ‘em what I’ve got inside me.”

So I tried to look homeless, put on my best rags
I thought incarnation would be a good gag
With love on my collar and grace on my shoes
I floated on down with my own kinda booze.
But down below I was certainly in for a treat
this Jesus I had they did not want to meet
They were kind and were gentle sacrificing what they had
to give to this “poor” girl sitting there looking sad.

I didn’t come bringing gifts, all I had was some love
and I was hoping to get some help from my dove.

But they all beat me to it, I arrived a little late
They were getting that love in the food that they ate
I got extra mustard and a skull on a ring
getting treated like I was the new underground queen
So what of it, Holy Spirit, how different are you,
if you flow in my body and walk in these old shoes?
I guess it just shows how things turn, what’s in store,
try to give all the answers and get left asking more.

I just know that love is love is love is love
if it comes from below or if it comes from above.

love is love is love is love is love...

Hey you there little lady
what you’re doing there is good
just don’t worry your sweet head, and keep on loving like you should
those lonely people down there
could use a listening ear
So if you wanna bring some love down,
bring the love but not the fear
but if you think that you love better
than the other one’s around
then you already lost the battle
gotta be lost before you’re found
cause love is love is love is love is love is...
So love a little, love a lot,
just give what you can,
Give what you got
love is love is...
so whether you love a little
and squeeze someone tight or you decide to give up your entire life
for another, it’s all good brother, it’s love
love is love love is love LOVE IS LOVE